Help get the UK government to support a global nuclear ban

In October the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly voted to convene a conference to begin negotiations on a Treaty to ban nuclear weapons. The move was supported by 123 nations, with 16 abstaining and 38, including the UK, voting against. This is despite the UK government claiming that they play a “full and active role in the UN First Committee on disarmament and international security”.

Responses to questions in Parliament have revealed that although the government spoke to other nations about the issue of nuclear disarmament, no specific reference was made to the current proposal before the UN.

The conference to negotiate a ban treaty is set to take place in New York, with the first session in March and the concluding session in June 2017. The treaty can be agreed without the agreement of the UK, but this is a chance for the government to send out a message globally that it is serious about achieving a world free of nuclear weapons.

CND will be campaigning over the coming months to ensure that the UK plays as constructive a role as possible during these negotiations. Please join us in this campaign by emailing Boris Johnson using the standard letter below.


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