Help get the UK government to support a global nuclear ban

The United Nations has concluded the first session of negotiations on a nuclear weapons ban treaty. The talks were established by a vote in the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly last year, with more than 120 countries supporting the move. Despite the UK government claiming that they play a “full and active role in the UN First Committee on disarmament and international security” they voted against the talks.

As the negotiations got underway in March the UK representative boycotted the session, choosing instead to stand alongside Donald Trump’s representative and belittle the efforts to bring about a world free of nuclear weapons.

The UK government has previously stated that it believes the best way to make progress is through the Non-Proliferation Treaty, but that process has failed to provide progress in the past and there are few signs of a breakthrough.

It is expected that a draft treaty will be published in May, ahead of the second round of negotiations in June/July. There is still an opportunity for the UK to participate in the next session of talks.

CND will be campaigning over the coming months to ensure that the UK plays as constructive a role as possible during these negotiations. Please join us in this campaign by emailing Boris Johnson using the standard letter below.


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