Contact your MP about the global nuclear weapons ban

The United Nations will begin negotiations on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons later this month. Last year more than 120 countries supported the move to start talks, while the UK, along with around 30 other states, opposed the move. The UK objection comes despite the government claiming that it plays a “full and active role in the UN First Committee on disarmament and international security”.

Responses to questions in Parliament have revealed that although the government spoke to other nations about the issue of nuclear disarmament, no specific reference was made to the current proposal before the UN.

CND has been campaigning to ensure that the UK plays as constructive a role as possible during these negotiations. MPs from all political parties have told us that the UK most attend the negotiations if it is serious about wanting to create a world free of nuclear weapons through multilateral efforts.

Please join us in this campaign by emailing your MP and asking them to contact the Foreign Office using the standard letter below - or your own wording if you prefer. You may also wish to refer MPs to the CND briefing on the UN process.